Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Especially for Tracey

My good friend Tracey wanted to see Hanna in these colors. Apparently this is how she's dressed today. (still waiting to hear if it's raining money there today?) Also Tracey loves bling. You can't reallytell but the hearts and the little knob thingies on the umbrella are all sparkly. I put Ranger Glossy accents over the boots.

Also I need feedback: Do you like the white background or the dark one better? Or should I use which ever gives better contrast with the project, sometimes the white seems to wash stuff out and sometimes the dark makes the edges unclear... so both right? I'm talking about the background in the photos I take of my cards. :)


Heather Grow said...

I usually read blog posts in feed mode which is a white background anyways so the background color doesn't matter much. The only thing that affects me is if the font color is too light, I can't read it in feed mode.

I like your hannah card today.

Linzy said...

CUTE, cute, cute, Erin!

asela said...

Great cards Erin. Sure wish I had known you were selling your pencils, I love mine and would love to have more. Darn!

Anonymous said...

This is great! Love all the pink! It's totally cute!