Monday, November 12, 2007

Floral under glass.

I love dandelions. I don't care one bit that they are weeds. I don't really love them when they are yellow, but when they turn white and you can make a wish and blow on them. :) Also we don't have them here, I mean they may exist in my town, but not in my yard, we get these huge ugly thistles instead.

Anyhow when I saw this dandelion stamp in a baggie with a few other flower stamps for just $2 I had to get it. Then at the crop Saturday night "Susan the SU demo" told me again how to do cracked glass. I've tried this a few times and it never worked. I think the big magical Susan tip is to crack it while the freezer is still open, as in right away, no walking two steps away and doing it... Anyhow it worked! :) So here is my card:
Here's a close up of the cracked glass. The dreamy effect edges is because I'm so excited about this, it's like a dream or something. Also I forgot to say that I used the "tonal applicator" stamp by Stampscapes to get the blue on the background. LOVE that stamp.
This card confuses me. I really like the starkness of the flowers on white, and their placement over there on the right. I didn't know what to do next so I stamped this phrase. Now to give me a teensy bit of cred back, it's NOT ugly gray, it's turquoise perfect pearls, but you know when the light hits that stuff it gets silver so it looks silver, but believe me it's not the only thing wrong with this card. I'm thinking the flowers on a nicer cardstock, like a Fabriano notecard, but still in the black, with a script phrase, something simple... then maybe I'd like it.
Stephen made an AWESOME craft today too, but he made them as gifts for his Gamma Sue and his Gramma (my mom) so I won't show them until after they get them. He was too cute making them though.


Softangelkisses said...

Too cute! I love those too and don't care if people think they are weeds or not! :)

Kristi said...

Very pretty cards, EK!

Colleen said...

I really like that second one...very beautiful!

Tex said...

Beautifully done! And I love the image you chose for this as well!

Jane said...

I really like the black/white floral card. I can't see the turquoise color...but even in grey I like it a lot! :-)