Monday, November 19, 2007

New toys!

I have tons of new stuff to play with!
Let's see, what order to share my stuff.

I'll start with my new pencils. You may have noticed I have not colored with pencil in a while. I got totally burnt out on the gamsol, magic colored pencil thing. I still love to see it I just wasn't digging doing it. So I sold all my 132 prismacolor pencils, and my gamsol and my stumps. I got markers, which you know I love. And I always had my watercolor pencils which I totally am head over heels with. But sometimes I felt I needed pencils. So I decided to buy a small pack. I was going to get crayola. But my awesome mother-in-law, who always encourages me, told me to look in the art section for something more mid range.

I did and I found these:

Oh woodless pencils I love you. First of all they were cheap, they were $12.99 for the 24, but you know I used a coupon. Second, they are woodless which makes them look really cool and artsy, and no breaking leads which happened sometimes with the prismacolor. Third they are really soft and creamy. Now not everyone would like that, but I do. So although I still think prismacolor is the leader of the pencil industry, these are really great and I love them.

Second I got my new Hanna Stamps! in the mail today! The newest one is my favorite of all. (You know I have all three sets so far.)

For this first one I colored her with the pencils I showed. I used the prismacolor blending pencil to get all the pencil marks out. The prismacolor blending pencil will not give the magic colored pencil technique, but it will blurr your pencil strokes out. So I like that. The patern paper here is by The Angel Company. It's all one sheet, I just cut it on this little seam part so it looks like I'm clever with layering. Also see how the umbrella is sticking out? I LOVE that technique and I use it all the time. LOVE it.
On this next one I colored first with lighter tones of the copic markers, then back over with the pencils. But the pencils were so new to me and yummy that instead of subtle shading I pretty much went all vivid again and so this is the outcome. I also put Ranger Glossy Accents on the rain and the puddle. I can't decide if it would have been better to mask the entire Hanna off and have the rain sorta go into her... This was easier though. Oh I did make a mask of the boots for all the puddles, the puddle is so stinkin cute I know I'll use that mask every time almost.

Another new toy is a pair of clear stamp sets. They are by Inky Antics. I picked them up at my LSS on Friday. They have turtles and all these turtle accessories. I got the boy themed one and the Halloween themed one, I felt those two had the most versatile turtles. (I couldn't get the hat to line up right on the birthday themed one. and I don't have a girl.) So this turtle is from the Halloween one, but all the stuff with him is from the boy theme.
Here is a close up of the coloring. I let myself do the shading more on this one. I especially did it on the tummy plate thingie. And there is glossy accents on the sunglasses.

And that's what I did today. :)


Aunt T said...

Great find with the pencils Erin and I love your cards. Super job with all of them :)


pescbrico said...

Love your glossy sunglasses!:) LOL
All your card are great :)

Anonymous said...

Erin-Love the new toys you got. You have been busy!-spartymom

Jen said...

Those are so cute! Great coloring and love how bright and vibrant they are!

Anonymous said...

Love your shading! The turtle set is so cute. Hanna is sweet too. Great cards Erin! Bran Bran

Emilia said...

Great coloring & and great new toy! Tks for sharing this tool!

Julie said...

Interesting! Those pencils look delicious!