Saturday, October 13, 2007

Calendar book.

This Calendar Book is for a class I'm doing at Scrap N' Stamp in November. When you first get it you go through and put everyone's birthday, anniversary, whatever else on the pages. Then yo put their address on a sheet you tuck into each envelope pocket. You stand it on your desk, opened to the current month. When you do your card making in that month you have a reminder of what events you want to make cards for as well as the address right there handy so cards don't sit on your desk for days/weeks waiting to get addressed. You may even want to tuck a few stamps in!

It's a LOT of pictures so don't worry, it won't hurt my feelings if you sorta scroll through them quick! We will start with the decorated pages. These are actually the "backs" of the calendar, when it stands on your desk this is what is on the wrong side. I like to think they are decorating your space for each season:

For this one I will encourage them to use any winter stamps and this perfect pearls technique.




This uses a patern paper that has a variety of these cool images on it, the colors may be different so that they match the image.





This next photo is of the front cover, in case you choose to store it shut this is what you would see. Also if you give it as a gift this is what your recipient would see when they open it.

Then this shows the working part of the book. Here is where you write the names of the people who need cards, as you can see it opens up and you can slip a piece of paper ( I just use notebook paper) inside and have addresses on it. This part is really important, this is what gets the book USED, you can grab just the book and have all you need to remember the people and get the cards written out.

Here is the pocket, I cut notches in the flap so that it can still open when bound on the top.


Aunt T said...

Wow Erin. Great project. If I lived closer I'd sign up for your class :)
Super job.


Heather Grow said...

Great project Erin. Looks like very pretty way to get organized.

Jen said...

Wow Erin, how cool!!!! Love it!

Anonymous said...

This is SO cute Erin! It's a great project ... I LOVE it!

Tami said...

Wonderful project Erin. Your students are lucky to have you. I'm wondering what the dimensions are on this.

GrammaStamper (Barb) said...

Wonderful project, Erin! Very creative.

Colleen said...

What a super cool project! I love the way you decorated each page...simply adorable!

Roniece said...

Erin this is super cute. I am going to sign up for your class. I have a question thoush. Do i have to have Halloween for Oct?

Erin K said...

Roniece, sure, you can do another fall page or whatever you want for October.

Roniece said...

Cool. I can't wait for the schedule. I am definitely taking this class!

Littlekel90 said...

WOW! Erin, I know this is an older post, but I just found your site today (subscribed already of course, because I adore your work). I had planned on making these for Christmas, but I only had the monthly pages and planned on decorating the front and back with cs for them, but you really give them "wow appeal," girl! I never thought about decorating the back so they could stand them up on their desk or using the envelopes for the addresses! So excited about making them now! Thanks!