Sunday, October 07, 2007

Gothic Vampire 80's Chicken


My friend Jessi and I were talking about Halloween costumes I was thinking of being a Vampire Chick, a Gothic Chick or an 80's Chick, she said I should be all three as a Gothic Vampire 80's Chicken.

This inspired me to make the following card:

The spiders are by Papertrey (and a tasty snack for Vampire Chickens) and the "Trick or Treat!" is House mouse.

Oh and it breaks down like this

Gothic: Clothes and eyeliner

Vampire: Fangs

80's: purple hair and striped stockings.


Aunt T said...

Your gothic chicken is adorable. Great job.


Jason Sampson said...

love the chicken, but i always like the chicken *wink* gret card though, love the way you think chick!

Dianne said...

I love your goth chicken....this card is wonderful! Thanks for do my challenge.

asela said...

OMgosh these are so awesome Erin. Love the chicken and the skeleton rocks!