Sunday, October 21, 2007

Inkspirations cupcake.

I made this card for my mother-in-law who is having a birthday this Sunday. I got this cool paper at Big Lots, a package of 8 sheets was one dollar. It is flocked paper. (As Brian would say, "Of course it's flocked, that's why there were EIGHT of them, not just one" if you don't get it, don't worry, it's not that funny) The cupcake is Inkspirations, the shadow oval thing is by A Muse, the "Happy Birthday" is from my stash and says, "Annette Waters" on the side. The cherry has a glossy accents by Ranger on it. (Same as crystal laquer, glassy effects, and whatever that stuff SU sells is that is called something like that.) Colored with prismacolor and copic markers.
By the way, if you ever wonder why I use prismacolor AND copic markers it's because I'm cheap. I bought a bunch of prismacolor markers before I was convinced that copic were any better. I do love them both, I tend to like the copic more, they don't dry out as fast and you can refill them if they do, also I like the brush tip. But I am not going to get rid of my prismacolor ones, so I'll use them up and as I replace them or add new colors I use the copics. (Which I'm lucky because my stamp store sells them for $4 a marker, but you can use a discount card they sell and get them even cheaper, I think I get a great price on them)


tyreiko said...

That is my favorite Happy Birthday stamp! When my friend used it on a card for me, I had to buy it years ago. It's by Printworks (artist as you mentioned.) It's been well loved and used in my household. =) Love the card.

Kristi said...

It's adorable! Great job!

pescbrico said...

This is great! You cherry look real!

Belinda said...

Adorable! Tell Brian it's *flocked* paper, not *a flock of* paper. ;)

Dawn griffith said...

OH my goodness girlie BIG LOTS sells paper like that ? Who knew ? Thanks for sharing your gorgeous card with us today ..
I love cupcakes :-)
Dawn griffith

Colleen said...

This is GREAT...I LOVE cupcakes...and this patterned paper is perfect...YUMMY!