Saturday, October 06, 2007

WCMD challanges

I think I'll edit this one post for any more entries I do for any challanges.

This is for Julie's challange. She's with Just Johanna stamps.

The background is torn from a newspaper I found in the lobby of some store. It's one of those ones they have around that are free. I think it's Folio Weekly.

This one is for Shuggy's Challange. She's a good friend from The Shack. Her challange was just to do a holiday card. The main stamps are Papertrey, the background is unknown.

This is for twinspire's challange, to use your favorite stamp:

This one is for a challange by The Tamarisk you had to use text print paper on your card. This card is for a challange by Durcan Designs. It was to do faux stitching. This card is for a challange at My Art's Desire. We had to paint on transparency. I stamped the Queen on transparency (OK, it was plastic packaging I'm out of transparency) and then painted her on the back side with acrylic paint, flipped her over and glued her to the black piece.

This next one is for a one layer card. I love one layer cards! This is from Durcan Designs. I have a thing for putting this fish together with this bird. But even though I always try to hook them up I know "it will never work".


Julie said...

WOW It's fantastic!! Where'd you get that tree?? I love it!

Teresa said...

Wow - great card! Thanks for participating in my printed text challenge!

Eleanor said...

I LOVE the card you made for my challenge! Thanks!

Marieke said...

Wow Erin you're too clever. You totally used my challenge and gave your own spin to it staying true to your style. Fabulous!
Thanks so much for participating.

Tracy said...

Erin!! Your work is so beautiful and creative, I love them!!

PS that fish one, too cute :)