Friday, October 26, 2007

I know this artist...

So Asela is this rad artist who does stamps for Cornish Heritage Farms and they are wicked cute. She also lives one town over from me! Because I stink at keeping in touch and actually calling people and stuff I don't see her as much as I wish, but anyhow I feel all excited when her stamps come out, like I know a celebrity or something!

There are adorable Christmas stamps out:
The first (square) one is my entry for the Hop-A-Thon contest she has on her blog. You should check that link out, it's a cute contest with a great prize. (It's free stamps!)
On this one the jewls are RED, not orangeish looking. That makes me sad they look orange, the rest looks right. This is for a friend who loves "bling" and I try to always make her a special bling card. Also it uses the Fabriano Notecards which are great. (the link is who I purchased them from, you can get them other places, but I did have a great transaction with this seller.)

Ok on both cards I did the water based marker blended on watercolor paper with a waterbrush technique. That's it, no fancy techniques. Oh I drew the "lake" in with a pen. And the blue square card came that way, it's by Bazzill and they are very cute I think. I buy one almost every time I'm at the LSS.

And that's what I have to say about that.


pescbrico said...

You may be proud to know the person who draw that stamp! It's just lovely! :) And your cards too :)

Carolyn King said...

How this adorable and love the scallops!

asela said...

Erin I love your cards!!! And I can say I know you too!!!