Friday, October 19, 2007

Hanna can rock any look.

Played with my Hanna Stamps! set again today. She's just adorable. I love her!

Today I tried to do some different things with her.
This Hanna has a glittery dress, can you tell in the pic. Also a ton of stitching. I did the glitter by stamping her on a sheet of sticky paper (double sided sticky paper stuff...) and cutting the dress out, then after I layered her paper pieced dress and colored everything I stuck the sticky dress over and then put the cryastal snow glitter over it. (it says white for the color, but it's pretty clear)
This Hanna is black. I noticed the other day when I made that Hanna that I tend to color all my stamped girls to look like me, I mean not fat and lazy, but reddish blonde hair and white skin. So I wanted to try something different with this one. I had to make her really dark though because at first she just looked like she had a bad tan. She has the glitter dress treatment again. And a touch of glitter on her shoes, I mean if you are gonna go with glitter, why not do it head to toe?

And this Hanna is suprised to see three huge spiders coming down at her. She's not terribly upset, as you can see by her black hair, super white skin and black lipstick she's a bit goth anyhow. (spiders and "spooky" are Papertrey) She also has a paper pieced dress.
I really did color a dress too but that card didn't work out so I had to throw her out.


Pegg S said...

I love how you changed her up ! So cute~ great and different ideas!

Dawn griffith said...

OH my goodness how cute is she girlie .. Love the spider one sooo cute .... have a fabulous weekend
Dawn griffith

Miss Iowa said...

I *MUST* have the card with the black Bella! Are you willing to make another one that I can buy?

Colleen said...

Hanna isn't the only one who can rock a look...these are AWSEOME cards!!!