Tuesday, January 31, 2012

back to school tube.

This is the last of my projects I had saved up. I have not really crafted in a few days because Calvin is getting all his molars at the same time. He is celebrating this with extreme fussiness, the need to constantly cuddle his mommy and a fairly high fever. I assume the fever is so that mommy feels bad and cuddles him all day. In any event I have been snuggling a sick baby not crafting. It is especially upsetting when I remember the grand new desk I have and the rearranged craft room!

Anyhow, Calvin seems much better today.

Also, here is a project. I submitted it for a magazine but it wasn't picked. So Brian ate the candy. :) I rekon I'll put a goodie in it next year for one of the boys. :) Or loose it before then. That is most likely.

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