Thursday, January 12, 2012

Not Crafts: Pimps

I'm not going to keep two blogs anymore. It has been over a year on the family blog. I'm going to preface not crafty posts with "Not Crafts" Then my craft only readers will know they can skip those. :)

So last night me and the boys wanted a bit of TV time. Because we have a DVR my kids think I can just play any show at anytime. I offered Dirty Jobs, they countered with Infested (which comes on tonight so I didn't have any taped yet). We settled on Pimp My Ride.

First of all Pimp My Ride sounds like a great show to watch with boys who love cars, but it's not really kid appropriate. I should have gotten a clue from the name.

Or from this question:

Stephen: Mommy, what's pimp mean?

So it goes like this:

Me: Well in this case it means to fix up a car, but more than just make it nice, add all sorts of extras onto it.
S: OK... What does it mean in another case.
Me: Well... It's an adult thing, kids don't need to know
S: *HATES THAT ANSWER* Mommy tell me! I can take it.
Me: No
S: *thinks for a bit* Mommy I wanna see your pimp! *trying the new word out without knowing what it means*
Me: Nope, doesn't work in that sentence *because I'm stupid and am leading this nonsense on*
S: Ok... Mommy I wanna pimp you!
Me: FINE! A pimp is a job that adults can have, but it's not a good job, it's an illegal job where a person does bad things. These people like to wear silly fancy clothes and drive silly fancy cars, hence a show about fixing up cars and adding silly stuff is called Pimp My Ride.
S: Oh, ok. You could have just told me that.
Me: *think I dodged a bullet AND had a funny conversation*
S: I like fancy silly things... I'm gonna be a pimp when I grow up.
Me: *parenting fail*

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Michelle said...

Haha! I just snorted! Lucky I didn't have a mouthful of food when I read your story, LOL! Oh, kids crack me up. :-)