Monday, January 09, 2012

Sick Farm Animals

This poor cow just looks like she needs a perking up. All these images are by Gina K and I don't think I need to tell you I love me some farm stuff. :) Colored with Copics. Speaking of sick farm animals, my chickens appear to have pox. :( So I guess that's Chicken Pox. lol. I did a ton of reading, there is a vaccine, which I was SURE they had. I'm a little (not a little, a lot) miffed about that. Anyhow there is not really any treatment. You have to just wait it out. They should recover in 3-5 weeks. If it doesn't get involved in blocking any respiratory areas. Then it can be more serious. After they are healthy again I can buy and administer the vaccine, which I will, of course, do. In the future I'm going to vaccinate all my birds myself. It is spread by mosquitoes. You would think we wouldn't have any now, but I guess we do. It cannot spread to humans, but every time I touch them now I get all itchy like I think I'm getting it. It looks terribly painful. I'm sad for them.

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