Thursday, January 26, 2012

OLW 76 Color in Winter

I am trying to start doing the One Layer Wednesday challenges. Last week was a masculine card. I find those very difficult and also had an absolutely horrible week last week, so I skipped that. This week is Color in Winter. The idea being that winter is all gray and white with occasional spots of color. I live in Beautiful Sunny Florida. We have a high of 81 today. The world is greens and blues and fluffy white clouds with flowers and oranges on trees all over... But I love, love love me some white/gray/color cards so I gave it a try.

Today on Joan Bardee's (I think I'm spelling that right, sorry if not!) blog she posted the most jaw dropping card. I'm referring to the middle one. (I tell you this because all 3 are pretty amazing)

So combining the OLW challenge and my Joan inspiration this is what I came up with. And I was happy with it until I just got you that link to Joan's card and can see now with it in front of me that mine is a poor imitation! LOL. But that's ok, I had fun.

Actually I had so much fun I made another card with an idea I got while making this one. I'll show you that card tomorrow.

Stamps are Designer Woodgrain by Hero Arts and that leafy thing is Papertrey. I can never remember my Papertrey names when I'm sitting her typing for you.


Susan said...

The only difference I can see in your card and Joan's card is that your woodgrain is a little darker than her's. A beautiful card!!

Michelle said...

Gorgeous, Erin! I love that woodgrain background, I might have to invest in it. :-) I love how you've used Harvest Berries in this card, also.

Joan B said...

thanks Erin, your spin on my card is fantastic. and you did spell my last name correctly.

Bonnie said...

What pretty red Ginkgo leaves, Erin!

mylittlepaperaddiction said...

What a fun combination of patterns and textures. Very pretty!