Friday, January 13, 2012

OLW74 is really hard

This week I gave the One Layer Wednesday challenge a try this week. Could I have picked a harder week? Well harder for me anyhow. The theme was "use pink and red... ONLY". That means no black. It turns out black is critical to my card design process.

I made several lame trash can cards. Well actually they were "flip that cardstock over and make something on the reverse side to preserve paper" cards. Man were they horrid.

Finally I made a card that was acceptable.
The car and sentiment are by A Muse and the little pink dots that you can barely see are by Alley Way Stamps.

I'm happy!

Speaking of being happy... Watch for ME in the July/August issue of Papercrafts Magazine! I'm so excited! I have tried a few times to get in there, it's a hard nut to crack. I'm so honored!


Marlena M. said...

Adorable card! Congrats on getting in the magazine-that's awesome. I haven't cracked that nut yet either. ;)

Michelle said...

This is gorgeous! You were so much more successful than me at the pink and red! I flipped over many, many cards before I gave up and submitted the one I did, LOL!

Congratulations on getting published! That's so exciting! I submitted again (about my fourth attempt) but didn't succeed... maybe next time. :-)

Jaya Christina said...

This is gorgeous! love it!! :))

Deborah Frings said...

This is really sweet - I love the heart on the car!

Congratulations on getting published!

kingstonmama said...

Adorable. I love this! :) Ann Y.

librariane said...

Man, you can't tell that this card was a struggle--I agree with everyone else in that it's quite cute!

Carol said...

So stinkin' adorable!

Susan Raihala said...

What a cute card!!! LOVE the pink dots as the road!