Saturday, January 07, 2012

how special you are

LOVE this set by Papertrey. I think what I like best is the phrase. No, the leaf image. I dunno, just love it. I added some berry dots from another set. I don't think these leaves ever have berries. They are ginkgo right? Anyhow, whatever I like the added color. I used my number one all time favorite stamp on the background. Designer Wood grain by Hero Arts. SWOON.

I'm going to a crop tonight! I actually leave in a few minutes here. I have a HUGE stack of stuff to work on, but I'm going to submit most of it to Papercrafts mag. I then have to wait a bit to hear if anything gets in before I can show you the "rejects". Wish me luck! I've never gotten into Papercrafts.

I am, however, in the current issue of Just Cards magazine! :)

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Dana (*danavee*) said...

Female ginkgos have berries (they're about cherry-sized) that smell like vomit and make quite a mess. We had three female ginkgos on my college campus that had to be removed. Beautiful to look at, but icky in person. So if you get a ginkgo, make sure it's a male.

Luckily, your card isn't icky at all! Glad to see you posting again!