Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Let's Talk

I love these cute mice from There She Goes! I just made an ultra simple card with them. I drew the lines using a ruler and a pen. The phrase is by Hero Arts. I'm not sure what the one mouse has to say to all those other mice, but it looks important. I hope they are listening well with their giant ears.

So I think I updated my title bar thingie. I'm not sure I love it. I made it out of actual paper and stickers, then edited it in photoshop. I don't know why it stays so small. I increased the size a ton and it still came out small. I've decided to just like it small. I think I'd LOVE it if it filled the space better. Honestly I'm not very excited by the idea of working on it anymore. I read all blogs in google reader so I don't think too much about what the blog itself looks like. I just wanted something a little new.


Chris and Paige Evans said...

Super cute card! And I love your new title! I'd love to try and help you make it bigger - when you upload it in Blogger, do you select "instead of title and description"?

Loobylou said...

I noticed your new Blog Header right away. LOVE it!. You are doing Fabulous things with Old maps lately. You also inspired me with your scrapbook page. Do you always do 8.5 x 11" I have a friend who is doing a page a month with a big collage on it that might inspire you...Will email you some pics. Anyway I'm so happy to see you creating, Erin