Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cute Food

I have forever been impressed by artistic bento lunches for kids. Shaping my kid's lunch into a kitten has great appeal for me. I have put it off because of time, expense and a suspicion that such adorable foods produced an undo amount of waste.

My kids think bento is cute, but what they really always want are those stupid Lunchables. I cannot figure out why. I mean it's crackers and meat and cheese. Maybe a candy or fruit. And I spoil my kids with a small candy in their lunch almost every day anyhow... What is the appeal?

Then I decided to combine the two! I would do my own stile of bento lunches with meats and cheese, veggies, fruits. Here is one I did that isn't really bento at all as it's just sitting on a plate. But it was dinner time and why waste all my lunch box supplies when plate will do:
I especially like the heart bananas. :) So of course this created waste. What to do?
Oh yes! Give it to Calvin! He doesn't notice his cheese is not a star!

So this is what my kids have in their lunch boxes today:
There is some dressing for the broccoli in the heart container. :) They also have a yogurt and waters. :) Oh and a small candy. ;)

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