Thursday, January 05, 2012

Scrapbooking tip.

ETA: Thanks Paige for the tip on making my title thingie fit right! It is perfect now. Everyone I hope you know who Paige Evans is, she's terribly famous and has the second cutest baby ever, and is a great scrapbooker and designer for American Crafts. :)

Today was Costco day. Actually yesterday was too which is stupid but it's a long story. Anyhow today is the day I brought a disk of photos.

So here is the scrapbook page I made today. I used the collage feature on the print kiosk. I picked the 11x14 collage, landscape, black borders. Then I picked 12 photos from my trip that I love. I had it auto fill the collage. You can move stuff but I didn't bother. I put a centered title and made sure it was short enough to fit on the center section. When I got home I sliced the whole thing into three long tall collages. One collage I cut again into two pieces. And WHAM my photos were all nicely arranged and matted, one of them with a page title on it! I simply added a journaling block and some accents and done.
And I also made plenty of prints to frame for my frame wall. Have I shown you that? I'll take a pic soon. Here are new pics I have to add to it.
I have more scrapbooking to do too. :)

Today was a good day. OH! I ordered a pile of new stamps and a pile of ribbon. Links!
All These Things Etsy shop. GREAT ribbon and bakers twine in a bunch of colors.
Alley Way Stamps is a new stamp company with stinking adorable clear stamps.
And Paper Smooches is Kim Hughes shop. I have not ordered but I used to be ADDICTED to her line at Cornish Heritage Farms, so I'm excited to get some of her new stuff.

All These Things has really reasonable shipping in case anyone wanted a medium or small order of ribbon and didn't want to spend a ton of shipping.
Both Alley Way and Paper Smooches have free shipping on orders of $40 so that's not bad. It works out to 3 stamp sets at about a total of $45.

I love Kim and expect that order to go smoothly, the other two are new to me so I'll let you know. I have been convo-ing with the Etsy shop owner Ryann and she is totally nice and cool so I expect that will go well too. I'll keep you posted.

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