Thursday, February 02, 2012

Chickens! :)

Yesterday after school me and the boys rode out to get some new chickens! We now have 5. 5 is the absolute most that our setup can take (according to us, technically you can put more, but we like them to have room) so we are now complete. We got a buff Naked Neck which are also called Turkens because with their naked necks they look a little like a turkey. Super cute! She is all we went out there for but when we arrived Ethan and Stephen both fell in love with this white Cornish Bantam. She is a tiny thing and super sweet. I love how all our chickens are so different from each other. It's a little Chicken United Nations out there.

To celebrate new chickens I decided to make a chicken card! The sentiment is by Paper Smooches. How cute is it? The stickers are BoBunny and I looked high and low for them after seeing them in a magazine. Found them on clearance at Hobby Lobby. SCORE. I think I need more actually.

In other news Calvin is all better! It was teeth I think. He looks more grown up to me now. I'm sad about that and happy at the same time. Moms, I know you understand. It is nice to have him back to his normal happy self. Course I need to make sure I get lots of rest because normal Calvin is a lot more work than sick Calvin! :)


Anonymous said...

Love it!

Cindi said...

it's happy chicken home! wicked cute card too

Michelle said...

Love your chicken card, and I'm totally envious of your chickens. One day I will convince my hubby to let me get my chickens. :-)