Monday, February 27, 2012

Kitchen and plagues

We are not having the best winter cold season. In the past few weeks Brian has been sick, then Ethan got pink eye, Calvin had Roseoloa, and now some sinus thing. I have the sinus thing and pink eye! Jeepers! We are all handling it fine though, but it has cut into my crafting/blogging.
Another thing that has cut into it is this:
I am redoing my kitchen! I took down some horrible wallpaper, painted the walls white, and am currently painting the cabinets white. And yes, it is a mess. Keeping it real. :) I am LOVING how my white cabinets look. The tile you see on the backsplash is not installed yet, but I will run that all around. Super excited about that. That will be the last step for now. Eventually new countertops and fridge and pantry doors. (Not showing you those things, they are horrible.) Oh a pipe behind my fridge broke yesterday. Plumber call was needed. HUGE flood. Always keeping it exciting around here.

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Suzie Thomas said...

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