Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Family Night and Valentines Day

Last night we had Family Home Evening. Our entire Mission District is having a special thing this week where we are all encouraged to invite our friends to church for this coming Sunday. (And by the way, if you are local please join us for church this Sunday at the LDS church on Hendricks Ave at 1pm.) So last night for Family Night we talked about why we would want our friends to come to church. The boys both said they think their friends would have fun at church and that they would have more fun if their friends were there. So we made invites for them. I wrote the address and they wrote notes and drew pictures.

You cannot read Ethans but it says "I like church" and it has a picture of him and his friend Nicholas sitting on a church pew together and Ethan is reading his scriptures. (Oddly he is not acting crazy and kicking the pew in front of him and generally running
amok. I'm not sure why that is?)

Stephen's says "You are very nice Ethan. It would be a pleasure" Then there is a picture of the church and he and his friend Ethan are inside and it says "I love my church". ADORABLE!!!

So this Ethan kid lives down the street and we delivered his last night. His family is going to try to come. We did say that if they felt comfortable we could bring just Ethan. Also Ethan down the street does not spell his name Ethan. He spells it some other way that I can never remember.

I hope the boys do have friends come. I think it would be such a nice thing for them to see their efforts come to fruition. But I know they will be blessed for making the attempt so either way they are winners!

I also wanted to share the super simple Valentines my boys are doing this year. Well... I guess I'm doing them. I printed the "You brighten my day" out a bunch of times, punched it with a heart punch, punched the scalloped heart out of pink. Then I made slot holes in it and slid a glow stick inside. The glow sticks are 15 for a dollar in the dollar spot of Target. Get it? You "BRIGHTEN" my day and it has a glow stick? I love Valentines Day, if only for the puns!

Speaking of reasons to love stuff, my church's Enrichment Meeting this week is all about chocolate! Same address as above Thursday evening at 7pm, ladies only! CHOCOLATE. I am trying to go. If I do I think I'm going to make chocolate cake pops. If I make them I will take pics and show you.

Why would I not be able to go? Well cars. See we bought a new-to-us car this week! It is a '92 Dodge Stealth. This car was the HOTNESS when we were in High School. Brian wanted something sporty. He got it. However, buying a 20 year old car has it's downside. The car is at our trusted mechanic getting a few minor things fixed up. Should get it back today. In related news we sold our Camry. In like FIVE MINUTES. Apparently we priced it a smidge too low. '93 Camry for $800 is a great deal it turns out. I had over 40 offers within an hour. Should have rounded them all up and had an auction! LOL. I wished I had one for everyone who called. I hope the guy who got it enjoys it and it serves him as faithfully as it has served us.

Ok final news, I submitted a total of 12 cards to the Stamp It Cards special issue by Papercrafts Magazine. Wish me luck!

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