Friday, February 03, 2012


Last night I went out with a group of friends. There were 13 of us. It was for one of the girl's baby shower. We had a BLAST. It was at the Melting Pot, I had never been, that was fun and yummy. The conversation was the most fun. Every few years something so funny happens that I loose my mind in my laugh and do my hyena laugh. I cannot stop it from happening. It actually sort of hurts and usually I have to fight not to pee myself. But it is also a sign of me having the most fun ever. And last night I sure did break out the hyena. My friends had never heard it. We all had a total blast. I stayed out late too!

This Friendship card reminds me of nights like that. Even though this card is quiet and classy the sentiment rings true.

Also I'm redoing my kitchen and this is pretty much the colors I'm considering. :)

I'm a total zombie today. I got home late, then couldn't get to sleep for a while, then Calvin woke up before 6. Turns out he is, in fact, sick. He will be fine, it's some virus. He is ALSO getting like 8 teeth all at once. Poor guy. I did get him some medicine today and I hope he feels better soon. But for now he is taking a nap and I think I will too.

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