Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sarah Kay and Octoprogress.

My friend Ethel sent me a stack of the adorable Sarah Kay images to play with. Here is my first card using them. I loved coloring this sweet girl. I used my new watercolor crayons. I only got the soft subtles and bold brights, I can't wait to get the other 3 packs so I can have a fuller range. I also stitched a ton on this. I went around twice on my stitching. Last night I was looking at it though and on the striped piece the second stitching used the SAME HOLES! On like 80% of it. I didn't plan that but it's sorta cool. The yellow flower is from the thrift store and the fuzzy center thing was part of it originally. I just glued it back on the layered flower.

Here is the current Octo-Progress. In case you are curious I'm doing him by putting transfer paper on the fabric and sketching on to the back of the transfer paper. Well first I sketch it on my SU grid paper on my desk, then put the transfer paper down. I did his face and spots freehand though. And the main octopus I looked at a coloring page to get the placement of the legs and such. I tried doing one totally from scratch but his legs looked weird. So I based this off a coloring page. Totally different face and spots and background. Some legs are different too.

Close up of the face. Note tiny bit of yellow. One guess as to who was saying, "Mommy put some yellow on your octopus!" Oh other interesting thing? The fabric, some of the thread and the transfer paper are all thrift finds. :) Love that!
Still don't know what I'm doing with the octopus. Taking suggestions. He's on a piece of fabric that is about 10x10inches. I'm NOT going to make like 20 more and make a quilt, although the idea of such a quilt gives me a happy feeling, it's taking forever so that's not in the cards.


Thanh said...

The octopus is looking awesome Erin! Your Sarah Kay card is fab too.

Thanh said...

The octopus is looking awesome Erin! Your Sarah Kay card is fab too.

Kim H. said...

WOW your card is gorgeous! I love this octopus more and more! I would put him on a tote bag! How fun and styling would that be????

Keri Lee Sereika said...

Your card is so sweet!!

And your Octopus is turning out GREAT!!! What if you used him on a kid pillow or made a library bag and you could stitch a book onto each of his hands like he is heading out the the library!!!

Jennifer said...

Erin, you do lovely handwork and your stitching is great!

How about using this piece on the bib of an apron? This would be cute for you inserted on the bib - especially if you had the rest of the apron some sort of octopus fabric or at least in coordinating colors to your octopus piece.

Yep...I think he should be on an apron...either the bib of the apron or pocket.