Friday, July 18, 2008

It's FriCake Day!

So today is Fri-Cake day. You don't know what that is? Well you'd better go to Kim's BLOG then, you are obviously not reading it enough! haha.

So here is my work for Fri-Cake day:
The cupcakes are supposed to be in space, like stars or planets. Unfortunately I've gotten mixed intrepretations. Johanna of Odd Bird Planet thinks it's raining cupcakes, and Brian, my DH thinks they are floating away from Priscilla. He's not sure why she's wearing the space hat, except that it's just cute. But YOU know they are in space!

Stamped on cream textured paper and colored with watercolor pencils. Easy as pie!


Kim H. said...

aww this is so cute! You do awesome one layer cards! I have to say they look like they are floating in space to me and Priscilla is going to grab one and eat it! Oh so yummy!

Jennifer said...

Too cute and fun, Erin! The cupcake antenna on the helmet made me giggle. I bet your little ones LOVE this card too.

I have become an "Erin wannabe" lately. I love your simplicity of cards and style. So fresh and fun!

pescbrico said...

I had to look back to by sure I was on your blog when I read the title LOL Cute card!

Linda B said...

I think Priscilla was wanting a snack. And she looked at the moon and thought, hmm, cheese? Heck no! I want cupcakes!

Ruth said...

I know they are in space lol, this is a lovely picure, my favourite part is the cats hat :)
Thanks for commenting on my blog

Mandy said...

Very cute. Gotta love cupcakes in space! :)