Monday, July 28, 2008

All the Dolls.

Here are all the dolls I made in the past few days. They are from left to right. Lola, Ethie, Lola again, unnamed prototype doll, Sally. Unnamed prototype doll was trying a new way of the head. Sally was made using the new way. Her head does not flop. Unnamed prototype doll isn't terribly cute is she? She looks super American Indian to me too. Not that American Indians can't be cute, just this particular one doesn't look too cute.
I think I've almost got it down. Sally is pretty good. She was easy too. Her arms are not level. They should both be high, it's not like arms start half way down your torso. In some ways thought Original Lola is the most charming to me.
That's all for dolls for me for a bit. I want to make a robot, a monster and a kitty. But after my trip.


Kim H. said...

You are really rocking with these dolls! I love each one- what great personalities they have!

Loobylou said...

G'day Erin
Ok I have to tell you, my favourite is the unnamed prototype doll. Her name is Jemima. She looks just like a doll we have on Play School- an Aussie Kids T.V. show. Maybe she is Aboriginal Australian, not American Indian?
I think she's my favourite cos she's the happiest, and I know she likes to see the good in everybody.
I'm impressed by your sewing, and the uniqueness of every doll. Go Erin!

Mel M. M. M. said...

Absolutely adorable. I love them all. "Unnamed prototype doll" is a cutie too, but Lola's facial expression rocks. :0)