Monday, July 07, 2008

Pink Persimmon ROCKS YALL!

So you know about a week ago I found the Pink Persimmon site and went all nutso and told you about them and bla blah blah. Well anyhow I went ahead and ordered some on Wednesday. They came today. :)

I made this great deer card. I love these deer, they are what pushed me to HAVING to purchase these stamps. This set is called Oh Dear! (Outline). There is a solid version that's deer too, but slightly different poses and it's solid.
I also made this fun doggie card. The words are just on pattern paper, I just cut it so it would say that. :) He's from the Little Red Wagon set.
I think the Little Cuties set is my favorite one! I love this cupcake stamp. Not that I don't have a LOT of cupcake stamps already, but I like how this one is super fun to just stamp in a colored ink. The houndstooth background is by Cornish Heritage Farms. All this yummy ink is my new Vivid! Ink. *I bought ALL the vivid inks, it's my favorite kind*
This is basicly the same card, this adorable dog is even from the same set. I just did him in brown, then colored his bow yellow. The phrase on this and the cupcake one are from the Little Red Wagon set.

So my full review: We all know that some clear stamps are better than others. These by Pink Persimmon are top quality. I don't have any that are better. You can see I did some solid images, although small ones. I usually totally stink at that with clear stamps but these worked fine. The customer service from them was stellar. I emailed a few times before placing my order and they were great. My stamps also came with with a nice sheet on "How to use and care for your clear stamps" that has great info about cleaning them, test stamping, what types of inks work best and so on. *doesn't mention my beloved Vivid! inks though, sigh* I felt the shipping was really quick. I ordered Wednesday evening, Then Friday and Sunday were not mail days, so that's like 3 days really. Oh just noticed a handwritten note on my invoice. That's nice too. I don't know what else to say. I know they are new, so if you want to know anything else let me know and I'll give you my honest opinion. *as usual*
OH website, in case you didn't save it last time!


Kim H. said...

You ROCk- these cards are all so cute and you are so fast!

Kimberly said...

cute stuff! love the Pink Persimmon---I have been waiting to get my hands on those!! :) You make me want them more!

Jennifer said...

You enabler you! LOL I fell in love with pink persimmon the moment I saw the red wagon set. And YES, I have it on order now. I love it. Looks so much like Dick, Jane and Sally books I read when I was little. I'm also making various styles of aprons with the D, J & S fabric so I know I'll have fun with these stamps, as well.

Thanks for the enabling, Erin! :)

Keri Lee Sereika said...

Totally cute cards Erin!!! And yes, you just HAD to share the link!!!! LOL

Mel M. M. M. said...

CUTEness! I love the dear (how sweet is that sentiment, hey?)And the little wagon! Adorable! Good to know that they are great quality too.

Can't wait to see how you like gesso paper! I'm SO stoked that you tried it (& a little secret: you can use your heatgun to dry it, so you don't have to wait overnight. If it curls you can stick it under a book for a little bit.) :0) Hope you have a great day!