Sunday, July 27, 2008

Another Lola, and Cupcake

I made another Lola. I learned a lot on this one. The first I thought was going to be the only so I didn't mind odd things and things that seemed inefficient. This time I paid attention. However I didn't make a better doll. Or a faster one. But I did learn a lot. For one I know why her head flops. She is two pieces, round head sewed to triangle body. Well that's how I want her to look. But I can't make her all one piece like that because I can't turn her all inside out through her super teeny neck hole. Neither her hair or her arms and legs fit. So with my current skill set if I want a doll with this skinny of a neck and this big of arms and legs and hair then she has a floppy neck. Also I like her face in a drawing that low but in a doll that ends up being on the curve in a weird way so I need to move the face up a smidge. Anyhow if I get her all sorted out to where I can make her more easily then I think I'm going to sell them on Etsy. Untill then I will just give them to my kids mostly. (And Sherri I'll make you one for sure)
Here is a cupcake card for you too. This was so super easy. Stamped the cake, masked it and stamped the background words. This background stamp actually goes the other way, I just stamped it three times so I could make a horizontal card instead of a vertical one. I kinda like it all super simple like that. All these stamps are Odd Bird Planet.

In other news I'm going out of town Tuesday. Just me and the kids to my mom's so that means no blogging for a while, like a week. I'm sure you will just waste away right? Haha.


Kim H. said...

Lola is wonderful! I hope you sell lots of them on etsy! The cupcake card is great! Looks oh so yummy!

Have fun with Mom- we will miss you!

Mel M. M. M. said...

I love reading about your progress with the dolls. This card is super cute. Love that background stamp & your colouring is gorgeous, :0)