Sunday, July 06, 2008

More handmade envelopes

I picked up this childrens' book at the flea market this weekend and tonight I turned some of it into hand made envelopes. I love them!
Her is a close up of the inside of one of them.

In case you want to make your own I use my Scor-Pal and THIS tutorial from their website. They are so super quick and fun.
Another thing to note is thickness of paper. This paper is actually a smidge thin for envelopes. I'm ok with it, I'll use it on flatter cards, and maybe tape the corners. It was too beautiful not to use. But if you want to whip out a ton quick and not worry about that the slightly thicker or best of all slightly glossy kinds of book papers work best. Oh and see the lovely cover? I'm gonna try to do something great with that too. I'll keep you in the loop.
My arm burn doesn't hurt today! Thank for your support and stories about the dangers of irons. Those of you who just pull stuff out and hang it up, how do you get away with that? My denim skirt gets all funky on the end, like it wants to fold up on itself, my husband's work shirts get weird on the placket (sp) so they don't lay flat when he buttons them, or the collars get weird. Anyhow I do pull them right away, it is just that they still need some ironing. And that offends me. I actually have a sore muscle in my one arm from it. SHEESH.


Sharon in NE said...

Cute envelopes! I love them! Great find at the flea market.
Oh alright, I understand about the shirts and denim skirts needing a little ironing. I DO iron those kind of things as needed, but its like cooking, I just do it quickly and get away from those dangerous situations.

Kim H. said...

Glad the burn is getting better! I love these envelopes they are way to fun!

Mel M. M. M. said...

You are a complete and total brilliant genius! These are SO hot! No wonder you burned yourself: you're on fire! (Sorry, meant to be funny, not callous. Hope you are feeling better. Burns are the worse. Have you tried aloe vera (or solarcane?) Both are fab. :0) LOVE these envelopes SO much!!! Thanks for the inspiration,

TJ said...

Erin - those envelopes are crazy adorable. You are so clever with your flea market finds. Oh - here's a tip to avoid those ironing burng ... Dry Cleaners. Works like a charm. :)

Ohla Ohla!! said...

Hello Erin - You blog is pretty cool. I'll bookmark and read more.