Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What's New Pussycat?

I have a confession to make. I used to buy stamps, get them here and then use them a lot right away. I've been bad lately. I have several stamp sets that I've not even used! I do cut the rubber right away and get them on my shelves. But I have.. at least 5 sets that I've not used. It's terrible. It's also a sign of too much shopping I think. Why oh why is it so easy to buy online? haha!

This is one of those sets. I HAD to have It's a Mod, Mod World *which gets "It's a small world" stuck in my head all the time by the way* a few weeks ago. I felt I would perish if I didn't have it. I love space, and retro visions of the future. And cats. So you can see it was made for me.

Well finally last night I whipped up a card using it. What do you think?
The coloring is done with copics, then I went over it with the copic pens.

In other news:

Hobby Lobby had their felt pieces on 40% off last night so I stocked up, I got like 30 of them. They are normally pretty cheap but I felt like really stocking up. I got some with tiger stripes, my youngest son loves tigers.

I'm all excited about this weekend when I have that stamp convention in Orlando with my friend Anita. I can't imagine what I'd need to buy, but I'm excited anyhow. My family and I are going to Sea World Friday, then Saturday I'll go to the convention and the boys will go to a second day at Sea World. I'm sure the boys will love it. At our zoo their favorite thing are the fish that are in some exhibits.


Kim H. said...

Kewl card! I love the square backgrounds!

Holly M =^..^= said...

I had to buy that same set of stamps - just thought they were so cool and retro. Great kitty card Erin!

All Ink'd Up with Awna said...

great card Erin, love the strips & squares :)

Jen said...

That card makes me smile! It's so YOU!! :)

Keri Lee Sereika said...

ERIN!!!!!!! EMAIL ME!!!! SEND ME YOUR CELL!!! I am going to Stamp Fest on Saturday! I drove down to see my fam and I am going there on SAT!!! We could totally meet up!

Joan B said...

Adorable. I love these squares with that mod cat! I'm jealous you went to Stamp Fest!! good for you.