Friday, June 20, 2008

Inky Bat is done!

He might be the most adorable softie I've ever done. You know in the one week that I've been doing them...

Introducing Inky Ink the Bat. Stephen named him. He tried to change it later to "Owl Tree" but I wasn't accepting that nonsense.

Inky features poseable wings.
See how the backs of the wings is a mess? I learn something on each softie. Today I learned that when you want two side by side stitches to hold something in place either just use the machine, which would have looked really cool, or capture the wire with small stitches, then do your decorative backstitch on just the black BEFORE putting it with the red. Do what you have to do to hide the back side of backstitching. At least mine, because it's a mess.
But look at the face! LOVE IT. Oh and the one ear is intentionally bigger, I thought that would be quirky.
Here is the wireing I did inside the wing to make it poseable. Also, see that embrodery floss in the background? Whatever you do, DON'T buy that kind. I should have known, I got like 20 skeins of it for $3, and the next expensive was more than twice that. It stinks. It knots up, it doesn't stay together when you need it to, it just stinks!! Don't do it! Buy less of higher quality. Anything but this crap.
Oh and on the desk pad you can see a preview of a card I'll show you soon. The "thank you" stamp. Do you know the company on that stamp? I bet you do!

Inky Ink is dedicated to Kim, who tells me 5 times a day that bats are cute. He's just dedicated to her though, I gotta keep him.


Kim H. said...

OH my heck this is awesome! BAT are HOT!

Thanh said...

Ooooh! Erin you're getting awesome-er at this LOL great English i got there. but srsly, i cant wait to see the next one.

Jen said...

Oh my freakin' word, he is just ADORABLE!!!!!! You got some sewing skillz Erin! :)

Sherrie said...

OK, this is soooo cool! I sure hope you submitted him somewhere!

Mel M. M. M. said...

Astounding! Ok now I really will stop stalking (or maybe I'll just lurk!!!) muhhahahaha! ;0)