Sunday, June 01, 2008

justjohanna = Odd Bird Planet

First some justjohanna news. Johanna has changed the name and the look! Now the stamp line is The Odd Bird Planet. Click HERE to see the new look. Do not worry! Your favorite stamps are still there! With some super fun additions!

Second I'm not going to be serving on the new term of the Design Team. But don't worry about that either, I'm still a huge fan of justjohanna so you will be seeing the fun images used here plenty!

And finally and MOST exciting for me is there are a whole slew of new images! Click HERE to see them. I think most of the new ones are either a circus or outter space theme, with exceptions of course! So if you like those then here ya go!

I was lucky enough to get to work with a bunch of them. All the images here are Odd Bird Planet, I'll just comment on them as we go.

Priscilla with a butterfly net. Priscilla is sorta naughty so this is no suprise.

It's actually the phrase on this one that's new, the cow was in the last release, but still adorable.

Four new stamps here. The outterspace owl, the phrase and each gun is seperate. I love when there are the same stamp facing two ways, I can build great little scenes that way.

Here's your basic balloon man with big top.
This fun birthday card has new hats and a new banner.
The hats are all on one stamp that has 5 different hats.

Priscilla up to no good again, this time she's got some under water gear.

This is my favorite one I did.

I LOVE rockets and robots and the outter space priscilla is great!

Now is this fun or what? I tried to show a bunch of the new stamps at one time here. We have circus stuff, including a ring of fire and some flamingoes. Yea, they are balancing on balls, because I train my flamingoes well!
This next phrase is what I feel like all the time!
Some painfully cute elephants for ya.
Monsters with their toungues sticking out.



Kim H. said...

WOW you rocked the house on these new images! Great job!

Heather Grow said...

Great job with the new images. I love the rocket card with all the sparkle.

Suzi said...

Truly AWESOME work Erin!! I love what you've done with these images. Love the elephants. Too cute!!

Godelieve said...

Fantastic! The acrobat flamingoes made me laugh!!

Kathi Rerek said...

The cards are all totally wonderful.

I think my favorite is the owl with the blasters, though the balancing flamingoes are great. And then there's snorkeling Priscilla going after fresh sushi or Priscilla trying to catch butterflies.

Ah heck. I love them all.

BTW, I am sad :( that you won't be on the team again.