Friday, June 20, 2008

Half Bat

Look, an actual creation. I felt bad with two posts that are not things.

Today I'm working on this bat: He stands up without leaning on something. I like that. He's definately a bat, see, he has fangs. Stephen thinks he's an owl. Kid loves owls. Anyhow he will have wings. They will be black felt with no stuffing, but some wire inside so they can pose some. Just as soon as I get to that.
See those buttons? I saw them at the thrift store and thought they looked like eyes. The fabric is from the thrift store too.


Kim H. said...

Love the fabric you used on him! The eyes are so cute! I love the fact that it is all recycled material!

CharityHand said...

Wow! He's adorable. I also like the turtle, but this bat is something else!