Sunday, June 15, 2008

Owl Softie

Softies are hot. And I love ANY super cute trend. Kim and I have been talking about how adorable they are and I decided I had to try one.

So I sketched a supe simple owl, then cut the pieces out to use as templates to cut the pieces of this critter out. My stitching is sort of a mess. but whatever. I think she's pretty cute. *it's a girl because of the pink stitching*
I put wire in the wings so they can be posed however you like.
And a flower on the butt. I'm gonna stitch a flower on the butt of all my softies I think.
And there you have it! One owl softie to love. But don't love her too hard, the stitching is not all that great. haha.


Thanh said...

Great first attempt Erin! The stitching will get better as you go, trust me - I know! ;

Kim H. said...

I think it turned out GREAT! I love the flower on the butt for a signature mark!

Anonymous said...

Totally cute EK! I've never heard of a softie but I like this little owl! I'm so behind on the times ... TJ

All Ink'd Up with Awna said...

he is a cute little guy. I wish I knew how to sew!

The Artful Eye said...

Erin, thank you for your visit and comment on my painting.

Owls are one of my favorite birds. This little softie is wonderful. I like the little signature embellishment. I might have to make myself one.

you inquired about image tranfer-
I was going to email you but couldn't find addy so here you go.

The process is real simple.

acrylic gel medium Golden or other
image- toner or inkjet
kitchen spoon,or some type of burnishing tool.

Add gel medium to the image face or directly to the substrate. Place image face down and burnish from inside out with back of spoon or other burnishing implement. Be sure that image is completely covered and all air bubbles are out.

I would wait at least a couple of hours. The longer you wait the better.

Once dry to touch..dip finger in small bowl of water and begin to remove the paper pulp by dissolving with water. Once the pulp is removed you will see the image transfer. If you put too much gel medium or not enough to cover image you may see that some of the image hasn't transferred properly.

I would practice doing some transfers on foam core board or other substrate to get some practice.

Have a great week!

Jennifer said...

Very sweet, Erin. I love the primitive nature of the handmade softies (stuffies). Cute as can be and the wire is a cool addition.