Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Friend card

I made another card with the Mokume Gane clay technique. (ultra thin layers of colors of clay, stamp into it. Then shave off the relief to show a smooth surface with the print of your stamp.)

I had wanted to do a mother-of-pearl look, but it didn't work out, it just looked gray and ick. So I added some gold to the mix and got this. I like it. Not what I had in mind, but nice.
Close up. Oh and the brown I stamped with versafine ink. You can use pigment ink on uncured clay and it will not dry, so be careful. But after you bake it it will be perminant. So that's nice. The stamps I used did press into the clay a bit, so it's not totally smooth, but it's ok. I also did add the clear finishing stuff.

I actually made a great necklace with this clay too. I only have black cord though and it won't work. I need to get some brown/tan or even gold cord.
All stamps are Cornish Heritage Farms.
I have lots of other projects that I just took photos of and will be showing soon!
In other news:
I am recently addicted to Etsy. I know it's nothing new, but I've just recently been to where I have to check it out every day. Yesterday I bought this. It's a handmade notebook with all found papers, so one might be yellow ledger paper, then white, then map, then whatever else. I really want this one. Which is sewn *the binding is sewn I mean* and has mixed papers and also envelopes bound right in. Drool! I have a Bind-It-All on order so I guess I can try to make my own of this type found paper creation. In the mean time I don't mind buying from this girl because she ROCKS. I'll let you know all about my notebook when it comes.
Did you know about my love of Vivid! ink? I think I'm going to have my LSS order ALL the inks in that line for me. I have ISSUES with ink. First of all I totally dislike felt pads. So if an ink has felt pads I don't like it already. (Exception is versafine, they have felt but it works and never gives that felt pattern... do they have felt? Now I'm not sure.) Versafine is actually my favorite ink, but doesn't come in enough colors. Like, no pink! SHEESH. Anyhow the vivid pads are dense foam. NOT the cheap airy foam you might know. Actually all the clearsnap inks that I've had have dense foam on the "mini" but clearsnap is who makes those "cat's eye" inkpads and they have the cheap foam. Not sure why. Ok so Vivid! really is vivid. If you like your subtle browns and all it's not for you. I love vivid color so I think I must have them all. I'm not getting rid of anything, so it will be ok.
I'm going to a stamp convention with my friend Nita next weekend. In Orlando. If you are going drop me an email and maybe we can meet up and say "hi" or whatever.
I've made more of those softies. Some rad ones, some cute ones. More on that later. I do love softies though.
Ok that's about all.


Kim H. said...

OMG that card rocks! I love the colors and that you stamped those flowers on it!

I am way way addicted to etsy too! That journal rocks!

Have fun at the stamp convention!

Cinda said...

Hey Erin,
what are you going to do with the notebook? It looks cool and I'm thinking I need one - but do I really?


Jen said...

Stunning card Erin, very different from your usual style. Love it! So you can do fun/funky AND elegant cards! Cool!