Tuesday, June 10, 2008

tiny miracle

Oh My HECK people. The new Kim Hughes release of baby stamps at Cornish Heritage Farms is DARLING. When I ordered it I thought, "I don't have any need for baby cards, but it's too cute to pass up". Well a few days after I orderd it I got a call from church to bring a meal to a woman who just had her baby. I knew she was pregnant, I sorta... forgot. Anyhow talk about timing!

So this card is to welcome the newest Moorecraft baby! He's a boy, they have all girls until now. Exciting stuff.
I do not have any of that painfully popular clear cardstock. I read on someone's blog that it's the same weight as the clear stuff the stamps are sticking to in their packaging. I don't keep them in that packaging, and this new set is HUGE, so I had a big enough piece to make this card from! I stamped on it with my white stazon, edged it with the white stazon. Then did the image. I used white fun flock on it. Oh my goodness I love fun flock.


Kim H. said...

OH MY HECK this is gorgeous! I love that it is clear! Fun Flock is great! Did you know you can mix the colors to make new colors! Oh it is so addicting!

Congratulations to the Moorecraft family! They most be so happy with a boy after all girls! I know I would be!

TJ said...

Adorable! One day I'll use my fun flock too ... one day ...