Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Erin needs... not to be such a copycat.

I can't help it! I see something super funny and I have to jump on board.

So I saw on Jason Sampson's blog this game where you type your name needs into a search engine and see what you get.

Erin needs a miracle (which sounds nice but is actually sad, someone has cancer.)

Erin needs to wear shirts.

Something obscene I refuse to type.

Erin needs a new hobby. (Offensive!)

Erin needs loved (and apparently better gramar too)


That same obscene thing again, (THIRD TIME!)

Ok, that's pretty much it. Turns out Erin is not much of an internet name.

Oh this is great though:
"Erin is the kind of person who is so easy to be around. That's why I love to just hang out with her" I promise that came up! Must be about the real life me! hehe, I'm gonna click it hold on...Ohmygoodness! It's a lovely note from a mother to her daughter. I'm linking it so you can say "Ohmygoodness" too. Here ya go.

Ok, back to the normal content.


Suzi said...

Suzi needs your money. That was it. I'm sure it's true but, I really expected something more than that. Oh well. Suzi needs to go stamp!

Anonymous said...

I did this and posted in our thread on SCS. Hilarious. Thanks Erin.


Nancy said...

Hi Erin... I sent you a card about a month ago for the SCS Blogger RAK Club... just wondering if it ever arrived? I've had several go missing with my last two mailings.

Please let me know

Nancy Elrick

Michelle said...

I love the one that says, "Erin needs loved" and what you wrote after it! I cracked up!
One of mine was "Michelle needs the viking hat" or something like that... This game is so fun!