Saturday, July 28, 2007

Scrapbook pages.

Been doing some scrapbooking:
This page is about the time Ethan got some yogurt down that I thought was out of reach. He made a huge mess but was so cute using that spoon and all. I have the bigger photo as my desktop on my computer. Everytime Stephen sees it he says, "Uhh ohh, Ethey brother make mess".
This page is about Ethan eating a banana. Pretty simple. I had it cuter in my head but I never EVER redo scrapbook pages. I'm agin it. So I left it like this. It's not horrid, just not a favorite of mine. The pics are cute though.
I really like this one. It's about this toy my mom got Ethan for his birthday. It is this huge ride on car thing but you know what they loved most! Yes, the box. They played tunnel in it for days. It did look fun.
The big arrow I think is really cool, the girl across from me at the crop, Paula, made one for a page of hers and I asked her to make me one too. She did and I used it to point to the box in the one picture.

The dot paper I really like. Apparently I REALLY like it, I've purchased it 3 seperate times now. Opps! So I'm sure some of it will move from my scrapbook stash to my card making stash soon.


Beth said...

Scrapbooking, card making, blogging, thousands of posts on SS, hostess of swaps, wife, mother. I really don't understand how you fit 40 hours into one day--LOL. Great LO's by the way.

Beth said...

Oh yah -- and design team member.

Anonymous said...

I love the box page! That big arrow is very cool. Love your work!


Mary said...

Way to go Erin K! Your scrapbooking is great!

Mary (toao)