Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I love the UPS man!

First an extra special thank you to my friend Tiphanee who is all fasion knowlegable and all. She was astounded to hear that I wear white heels as a neutral shoe. I had no idea that wasn't ok. She informed me that white shoes look cheap or trashy. She went on to tell me I needed beige heels so she got me some! Shocking! Anyhow they are from Nordstrom and they are AWESOME. I would have thought they'd not be comfy, they are only held on with tiny straps and they have one of those "kitten heels" I think so at least... anyhow they are too comfy! I'm way excited. They came today and I can't hardly take them off, although normally I do not wear heels in the house. Don't they look nice? She tells me they are for skirts and capri pants. I'm happy!

But that's not all the UPS man brought! Can you believe it, he also brought me FIFTEEN pounds of Stampin' Up!. I feel like my cup runneth over! I know my DESK runneth over! Here's a pic, you can't tell but there are two packs of the "in colors" and the punch is the word window punch. Also can you tell I like pink and yellow much? Sheesh! I just ordered everything I was low in. Something happened to all my bashful blue, I can't believe I used that much of it... oh well, I'm all stocked now. Lets see, I got the white gel pen. It DOES write better than any other gel pen I've used. I also got Boat Loads of Love, The circle halloween one, Monkey Business, the dots type one that goes with Polkadots and Petals, and the the hostess set that has all the words. Not sure if I'll cut them up or just use the word window to punch them out... Probably cut them up. AND there is a new technique book. You know that free book that comes in the orders? Well it is new. :) I really like that little book. That's all. (don't ya think that's enough?)

I also went to the big scrapbook store in town to meet Asela this morning. I was soo good, I got two Heidi Swapp stamps and some clearance stickers for Stephen to play with. (they were Grover from Seasame Street and only 25cent!) I only spent $5!! I was so proud.

I made Asela look at my magazine I'm in. She acted properly impressed, even showed her sons. (BTW, Asela's sons are so handsome and well behaved and funny.)

Well I'm sure you can understand I have to go craft in heels now. :)


Suzi said...

Love the shoes. I can't wear any kind of heal. Plus, I have ugly feet & don't wear sandles much. Give me an UGLY pair of crocs :)

What a haul of SU stuff. I'm still waiting on my order. I ordered pink & yellow paper too. I got the baroque stamp set tho. Should have gotten the Monkey Business one. DS LOVES monkeys!!

Tami said...

Gorgeous shoes. I agree with your friend, throw out the white heels :)

Love what you are doing with the halloween stamps you got.