Friday, July 13, 2007

What a BLAST!

So Wednesday night I couldn't sleep. It was like the night before Christmas! And why? Because yesterday I got to pick up Asela and drive down to Daytona to meet up with friends from The Stamp Shack. Joanne was here doing a cool summer program with her super smart son Corey. Cheri lives in Daytona and Pat G lives in Orlando and drove into Daytona to meet up with us. HOW FUN.

So I had set my alarm, I wanted to pick Asela up at 9. Alarm goes off and I jump out of bed and start getting read. I look and it's only 7! It took about ten minutes to get ready (laid everything out) and Asela is about 35 min away... So I sat and poked around online for a bit. FINALLY it was time to go get Asela. Asela gave me fantastic directions to her house, but the wrong building number. After driving in circles for a while I finally found her. Of course in typical Erin fasion we were more than an hour early to Daytona so you know what we had to do... SHOPPING. We went to AC Moore. That was pretty fun.

After that we met the other girls at Olive Garden for lunch. The curse of Olive Garden did not rear it's ugly head unless it was Asela chokeing a bit and being out of drink at that time... Anyhow nothing TERRIBLE happened as usually does when I go there.

After lunch we went to two stamp stores that Cheri knows and they were both so cute. Then drove home. I was super tired.
Here's a pic, from left to right it's Joanne, Cheri, Pat G, Me and Asela.
Aslea let us have images of the hot new Thomas Kinkade stamps. I had been afriad they would be too hard to color but this one was really easy. I colored with prismacolor and copic markers. All the shading is in the stamp, I just had to slop color on. EASY PEASY.
Here's a close up.

So I think I may do more with these even though they are not my normal "look".

And that's what I did yesterday.


asela said...

I'm so glad we found each other! What fun yesterday. Erin your card is gorgeous!!!! See I told ya it was easy

Colleen said... got to meet "THE" Asela? How lucky are you! Sounds like you had a blast and your card is amazing!

Sharon in NE said...

What a thrill!!! And you did a great job with the Thomas Kinkade stamp!

Rhonda said...

This card is gorgeous! Love those stamps and can't wait to get some:)!