Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Cheap company delivers.

So, lets see two weekends ago I think it was, all the buzz on SCS was for this company I'd never heard of. Frugalities. They have this strange sale where each day everything is a different percentage off. (today it's 42%) The day I ordered it was 48% I believe. So I hemed and hawed all day about whether to order I really wanted the Technique Tuesday stamps most of all. Their shipping seemed high to me though. My order which you see in the above pics, was $9.99 to ship. It was actually a girl on SCS mentioning that she got punches that made me decide to order. I LOVE circles lately and felt I needed to order every size circle they had. (cept of course the sizes I already had) Ordering heavy punches made me feel like it was worth the shipping costs.
Well I was concerned. I had ordered two single sheets of stickers and one sheet of punch out tags. So I was worried that my heavy punches would ding up or tear my delicate items. Not to worry! They packaged them so well! Everything came like in these pics, not a single bent corner or anything! I was very impressed. It did take about a week and a half to get my stuff. They ship priority mail, but didn't ship it till Monday of this week. Apparently they are a smallish company and during this sale they get TONS of orders and are just behind. Some people I know got their stuff much sooner than me. They did say on the site that shipping could take this long so I was not concerned at all.
Oh if you are intersted all that stuff, and you can't see it all because stuff is stacked under other stuff, was $60 including shipping. I'm way excited and have to go look at it all in my stamp room now.
(PS thank you for your concerns I think the health thing is getting better.)


Skittl1321 said...

WOO WEE! That looks fantastic.

Sharon in NE said...

Aren't you lucky! (About the wonderful items you received AND not dying)

shuggy said...

can't wait to get mine!!

Dawn Griffith said...

OH my look at all those awesome goodies .. you lucky gal !