Thursday, July 19, 2007

Scrapbook time!

So Stephen has this thing, whatever we are gonna do he calls ___ Time! So it's Scrapbook Time for me! I had a busy morning (FUN though) and one of the things I did was pull photos to print at you know where... (COSTCO) for scrapbooking. Costco has this cool thing where you can print a 12x8 for like a dollar something. Anyhow it's really cheap and I LOVE scrapbooking with the huge photos. I accidentally pulled the droolface one though! Uh Oh! Nah, Ethan is so cute he can rock a drool face and still be a cutie pie.

Here's my pool time layout. (Say it in your head like this "Pool TIME!" sorta draw out the "time" part but stress the "P" in pool.) Yes I sure did write on that photo. I've been seeing that lately and liking it. I think I'm starting to embrace a more casual style of scrapbooking, with hand written journaling and all. And believe me, my handwriting is NOT great.

I hope to have more scrapbook pages to share later today or tomorrow.

Here's a fun list of things I did today.

Got up at 7:30 (WAY early for me)

Got kids up and dressed.

Pulled photos to a CD.

Took tots (kids) to DR so Ethan could get shots. (not to worry he doesn't seem to mind, FREAK)

Went to Michaels craft store to sign up for a cake decorating class. (The Wilton one, if you've taken it email me with all the cool info)

Went to Costco, you know, for a change.

Went to Chuck E Cheese for playing. NOT eating, the food is bad.

Came home.

Went swimming in our pool.

Bath TIME!

Watched Calliou.

Nap time/made this layout.


I'm so blessed.

ETA I realized that photo is a bit too small. maybe these are better.


Anonymous said...

Erin - I love it! I love all that print paper too. I always wondered about those big pics, I need to remember that b/c around here I've seen them pretty expensive. I love how you wrote on the pic too. Excellent job.


Anonymous said...

Love the layout Erin. ...learning about all the cool Costco stuff and we've let our membership expire! I may have to change that!! Do you get the prints in an hour?


Erin K said...

CINDA!! You call me up and I'll take you to Costco! You'd have to let me pay and pay me back, they are freaks about that, but still! I'll take ya to costco and your cutie pie son too

Amy said...

I am not much of a scrapbooker but working on my daughter's first year. I love the layout you used on these pages! Great job! I'll have to use something like that!

Pam Speidel said...

AWESOME scrapbook layouts Erin! You Go Girl! You are one "Rockin Girl Blogger" and that's why I nominated you...check it out on my blog "Stamping with Serendipity"
Smiles, Pam