Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Erin gets inspired

So I did this swap with a group of friends on Split Coast Stampers. It was for ATC's. I love to swap ATC's because I have a special binder for them and I look over them again and again. Cards end up in a box and that makes me sad. (I won't use swap cards I'm a freak like that)

So anyhow everyone ROCKED. And it occured to me that I should use them all as inspirations for full sized cards. I picked up the first on in the stack and it was this one by Belinda King. (edited to make Belinda clickable to see her blog!) I love the colors she used. (I believe she used all SU products)

So using that color scheme I made this card.

The images are actually not mine, another good friend, Sherri (Edited to make Sherri clickable to her blog.) sent them to me. I think that bella is supposed to be holding a martini or something but Sherri stamped me a stack of them with her holding nothing. Then I can put whatever I want in her hand, in this case a cupcake. The phrase "got cupcakes" is by Eat Cake Graphcis. I colored with prismacolor and copic markers. I didn't plan this but the piece the girl is on is actually ATC size! I filled in some of the circles on my cuttlebug embossed background with my new SU white gel pen. It works really well. I also used my stardust clear glitter gel pen to accent the cupcake.

I will be doing all the ATCs into cards, so expect to see more.


Colleen Schaan said...

This is the coolest idea! I love seeing what you come up with from the ATCs...great!

Thanh said...

LOVE that cupcake in place of the martini... though I still love the martini as well. lol ;)

ERINNNN Why am I not on your blog roll no more? Im hurt. sniff. Im going to go hide in a corner now.

ilse said...

hello erin ,
what a nice blog you have

i have a question for you :
would you like to trade some atc with me,linda and godelieve (we are 3 lady's from belgium)?
below some more information why
On the first and second of September, my friends and I, together with our Hobbyclub Retro, organise an exposition in the theme of ‘Travel around the world’.

But to make it a real ‘Travel around the world’, we ask your help. In our exposition we want to create a huge wall of ATC-cards. This is why we ask you: Who wants to trade ATC-cards with us?

The technique is completely free and if it’s possible, it would be nice if you would take your own country/region as your theme. It is not obliged to do this. We are happy with a little trade :-) The amount of ATC-cards can be chosen by yourself, and you will get the same amount in return.

If you want to help us, you can contact us on the following e-mailadresses: or

Hopefully we recieve some positive reactions and a wall of ATC-cards, wich we thank you for in advance.

With pleasant greetings, ilse

Belinda said...

LOVE what you did with my color combo! And I love that your bella is holding a cupcake-- too perfect! :)

Jason Sampson said...

Hey Erin,

Love the second card a lot, not that I don't like the first but the second one really pops, really shows your talent, way to go girl!

Ali said...

Hi Erin

love the card (and the blog - you always make me smile) Not a colour I ever use - but I might be inspired now!


Peggy said...

Erin~ loved this card! Another thought when I first saw it before I read your instructions.... instead of the gel pen, punch out random holes in the cuttlebug circles, then your back card stock color would pop out. You are doing great work!!

Anonymous said...

Erin, I love your inspired card from Belinda's ATC. You are so talented. That cupcake lady fits you so well too :)
Bran Bran