Monday, August 13, 2007

Sorry it's been so long.

I feel terrible. I feel all wandery and lost. Then I figured out why... It's been DAYS sense I've stamped! SHOCKING. I will make sure I make the time tomorrow!

I did get awesome mail to show you today though. I got my Asela Stamps by Cornish Heritage Farms. Asela, as you know, is this cool artist who lives in my town. (Which means I have extra special claim on her and can name drop and all ya know?) Anyhow these farm animals are her designs! I love them. And look how big they are. Now they DO have the measurements on the website and they are right, but I was in a buying frenzy and didn't read them. These are fun sizes and I was suprised and thrilled they were so big. They come already mounted on EZ mount cling stuff and trimmed too! How cool is that.

Also shown here are some I got from Green Grass. I've been wanting a great font for scrapbook titles and I LOVED both of these ones. They are Essential Monogram and Back to the Futura. I also picked up a new one called Dream Today Always, which are BIG words with smaller words you can layer over. These come as sheets of rubber but come with the right size sheet of EZ Mount foam too.
I got both of these orders LIGHTNING fast. I believe I ordered the Green Grass Friday, may have even been Saturday. I did order CHF earlier but I was preordering them, they didn't come out till Friday and I got them both today! (monday)

In cake related news, I decided to make a nice tall cake for class tomorrow. FREAKING DISASTER. First of all Stephen got into it:

He ate all that. I was so angry I didn't know what to do. He woke up from his nap with a tummy ache too. :(

Then when I iced it it was all wonky and horrible and made me cry. :(

Also our satilite thing for TV is out and I missed Ice Road Truckers, The Hills and will miss all day craft stuff on QVC tomorrow. AND we have to pay for them to come out to fix it! WHAT THE???

That's poop on a stick in a fart basket.


Jane said...

Your practice cake looks wonderful. I took a cake decorating class years ago. It was fun (haven't used it much though!)

I saw the cake in this post and had to share a story that'll make you feel better. A friend of mine decided to throw me a baby shower at my house. At the time we had a little Shih-Tzu named Gizmo. Well, the brought this cake in and sat it down on the COFFEE TABLE and then went back outside to get more stuff. Gizmo decided to help himself to the cake! So we had to cut a big chunk out of the cake so it wouldn't contaminate it for the rest of the guests. And I didn't even get a pretty picture of it "before" (although I think I did take a picture between the point where he got into it but before we cut it away).

So...feel better it was just your child who got into your cake! LOL!

Colleen Schaan said...

Don't feel bad about not posting, I have not been able to visit my fav blogs in a week and I feel so out of touch!

Sorry your cake didn't really work out...silly kids!

(and I love your closing line about poop on a stick in a fart basket...made me giggle!)

Beth said...

Definately a scrapbooking moment!

Myrnabs said...

Glad to see your cake wasn't a complete and total disaster, as a matter of fact it came out beautifully!!

BTW, Please show me where to buy those farm animals. I know they are from cornish hens, but I can't see them anywhere! I've been looking for some for the longest time now. TIA