Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Pink cake... pink pink pink.

It starts with an apron. My good friend Lani made me this apron. I was supposed to make it under her supervision, but it didn't work out and she ended up taking it home and making it for me. I'm so thankful because it wouldn't have been this cute if I'd made it I'm sure. (I thought you left basting stitches IN and other things that made her sigh at me.)

Is it not the most adorable apron you've ever seen? (nod you head)

Then to cake class, where I made a pink cake. I like pink, did you know that?

Citi is Brian's work and he's taking all but that one piece to work tomorrow. Because what does a man want to take to work more than an PINK heart cake? I didn't think that through did I? There is pink cake (strawberry) with pudding and real cut strawberries inside. FOUR layers! It's all wonky on the sides but you must ignore that because I'm new.

Next week is cupcakes! Hurray! They will have clowns and flowers on them.

(still haven't stamped.)


Anonymous said...

Sorry I couldn't join the class. I tried but she already had the sheet out of the book. I bought the kit. Ander starts a class at My Little Gym next week and they are on Tuesday to. I figure with trying to rush and get work done in the a.m. and get him there, I don't need to add anything to my nights right now. Wah!! I'm ready to have some fun!!

This cake looks YUMMY!!!!!


Charlene Austin said...

Hi Erin. I came by to say Hi but I didn't have much time tonight to read through your blog and now it's 11:30pm already where I am here in Canada. Looks like I have quite a few months to go back to read to catch up. I like it already!!!

I really do like your pink apron. My elderly aunt-in law made me one similar but it's a dark green and not quite as pretty!!

Am I ever going to hear about our hair?!?!?! hahaha.

Myrnabs said...

That is an adorable Apron, what a great friend you have. That has happened to me before where my good friend mary jayne just takes over, so your story made me smile thinking of those times.

Your cake is gorgeous!! I wish I could bake like you!! I want to be like you when I grow up!!! Thumbs up on both things!!

Kristina said...

Erin, you're cake looks awesome! Thanks for stopping by my blog--we'll have to cheer each other on in our cake decorating endeavors! :)