Saturday, August 18, 2007

Nice Matters Award.

So maybe once or twice... or a hundred times I've mentioned Jason Sampson. He is a designer for Gina K, responsible for some of the cool farm animals. (or all of them, I get confused?) And he has that story-in-cards The Chicken Who Did It. Which I think is super funny. Anyhow he's pretty much a big name, celebrity in the blogging/stamping world. At least MINE anyhow. He has this cute wife Kelly and she's crazy talented too and they even show each other love on their blogs, which is adorable. Ok, so you know who I'm talking about now right? Well apparently he ready MY blog! *swoon* AND he gave me an award for niceness! AND the award is pink! Lemme show you:

Isn't it lovely?

So I'm to give the award to 5 bloggers who I think are nice too. And away we go...

Brandy (Inkerbells) - Brandy is fairly new to blogging, and I'm sure glad she has one because she makes cute stuff. (LOOK at that blanket she made for a friend from a Bow Chicka Bow Wow thread we do on SCS)

Belinda (Belinda's Stamping Space) Belinda has 5 kids! It is amazing to me. I can't keep track of my 2. She's also a very successful SU demonstrator, you know the kind who really does have regular parties and camps and stuff? Amazing! You may know her if you are on the Demo Side of SCS, she's a mod there. (I'm not, they won't let me in because I'm not a demo *sniff sniff*)

Mary (Shack-a-lackin Blog) is a sweet lady with a great kid and cool husband. (who once fixed my car AC for almost no cost!) She is a great photographer in addition to being a great stamper.

Sherri (Flip-Flop Blog) is one of my best friends. (I hope that's not news to her! hehe) She's really genuine and fanatstic and always positive and bright and I love that. She is also great with pattern paper, she uses it a lot and it looks so effortless. (I have issues with pattern paper)

Angie (Stampings of the Shug), do yall know this girl? If you do you KNOW why she's so special. She simply amazes me. Angie works in the hospital with critically ill young children. When she says she had a hard day at work it breaks my heart. It's not like when you have a hard day because your boss is a jerk or you get an extra file, it's... well you know... BUT that's not what is sooo amazing, the thing with Angie is that she's so cheerful. She always is there to cheer me up! I mean I'd drown in dispair if I had her job but she is better for it and I know those kids are too, and their families. She's amazing. She has a fun blog with jokes, games and cute cards.

SHEESH I didn't mean to ramble on about everyone! I don't usually do these things, but when this one was for niceness I thought of some of the nice people I've met through blogging and message boards and It was HARD to only pick 5. Course I'm so long winded if I had not limited it then I'd be here typing all day while my family just had a fun Saturday without me!

Well it's time to take the kids in the pool, then head to our favorite Chinese resturant for Sushi! Have I mentioned that life is good?

(Oh ladies, I just left clicked the image and saved it then put it in like I do cards and other photos. This has been a great mystery to me, how people get these badge thingies on their blogs. I'm sure you all already knew, cuz you are all smart as well as nice.)

ETA: Jason says he does not work for Gina. I coulda had sworn he designed those farm animals he uses in "The Chicken Who Did It" but apparently not. Sorry to the actual designer, I didn't mean to give your credit to Jason. Whoever you are they are adorable animals.


shuggy said...

what an honor, erin!! and thank you for the wonderful things your wrote.

GrammaStamper (Barb) said...

Very cool, Erin. I agree with Jason that you should have the NICE award. And your pics are cool, too.

Jason Sampson said...

Thank you for all YOUR kind words about me, but actually I don't work for Gina I just really like her stuff, but wouldn't it be great if I did! again you deserve it Erin, you're nice

Myrnabs said...