Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sprinkles! (Cat's Pajamas)

OK, I know they are not truly new, but I somehow JUST discovered The Cat's Pajamas. I am in love! I had to order a few of their stamps right away. I may have to order more too! (Who am I kidding of course I'll order more) One cute thing is they put candy in your order! Adorable. They shipped super fast too. I ordered unmounted and they are really deeply etched red rubber. They stamp fantastic even with Sprinkles (that's the cat's name) being a solid image, she still stamps great.
These cards both use the cat stamp called "Relaxing". Also the "Hot stuff" stamp is seperate. I made the white one really simple. My good friend Sherri has been making these really cute simple cards and she inspired me. I put a bit of glitter (stickles) on the eyes and necklace. Then a bit of UTEE on the glass. It was neat, the UTEE didn't go on really even but it looks like drops of sweat on the glass, so I left it. I colored with prismacolor and copic markers. I was going to put ribbon down the fold side, but I felt it was complete without it.
This one was colored the same way with the glitter and all. I used the marvy mega circle on the image then the marvy giga scallop circle on the black. Then used tulip liquid pearls on the black part. I did the penwork on the edges of the paper with a normal black felt pen.

The ribbon is from Ribbons And Bows Oh My I got it in a share that my friend Kerry did. She does them awesome, I've never seen anyone do them as cheaply as her, she's not trying to make any money, just get TONS of ribbons for herself. (Not that other share girls are trying to make money, but I wonder if Kerry is loosing money, she does it sooo cheap). Anyhow I buy 10 yards of whatever she has to offer. She's never done me wrong. But I'm so freaked out! You remember me going on about ribbon that matched Cool Caribbean paper, I got 100 yards of it and loved it? Well in this set of ribbon Kerry had this blue and it's EVEN CLOSER in color! Mine is a bit darker. So I'm deciding if I need 100 yards of this color too, or if I should use the darker shade I have... I know it's a tough life when turquoise shades are a big issue for you. ;)

As far as my illness, the Dr's are not sure what's wrong but they gave me medicine, I have to take TONS for yesterday and today and it has me all jumpy like I imagine people on drugs feel. I just lay in bed till 6 am with my mind racing. I did think up a cupcake card in my head which I just may have to buy the stamps for. Anyhow tomorrow I get to start just taking 2 pills a day for 10 days and that should be better for me. *twitch twitch* But the good news is that the meds are doing the job, no pain and I'm feeling MUCH better. Thanks for all the well wishes!


Heidi said...

Oh how cute! I'm happy you found this company and you like them so much! Can't wait to see what else you make with them!

And glad to hear you're feeling better! Maybe the jumpiness will wear off in a few days once your body gets used to the meds.

Scrapbook 'Freubelen' said...

what a lovely card erin and so cute!!!!


Scrapbook 'Freubelen' said...
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