Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Last night's cards.

I made cards last night! It was strange, I actually threw out a bunch. I was having a HARD TIME with my new Green Thumb set by Papertrey.
I finally did make this and like it ok. It's really simple stamping. I don't think I have anything to add. All stamps are papertrey. I did put glossy accents on the toe of the boots. The one boot is on pop dots. The dots on the scallop are tulip liquid beads.
This one is very simple. I just love this image, although this girl looks like she may have a bit of a 'tude. But she is barefooted so that makes up for it! I'm only teasing, she's a cutie. I colored with watercolor pencils. The card is watercolor paper from my stash from when I thought I was gonna be a painter. The "love you FOREVER" stamp is Papertrey and the girl/dog/cat stamp is Eat Cake Graphics.
Another simple one, this is also on the watercolor paper and used the watercolor pencils to color. I went over the ice cream with stickles so it's shiny and sparkly. (not that ice cream is glittery but it is fun anyhow) I LOVE this dog. I'm not sure I colored him right though. Maybe that ear should be black too? I think it's a Newfoundland dog and I only have one friend with one. Jennifer's dog is ALL black, which I have a hard time coloring.

This one I actually made during nap time yesterday. The main image is Eat Cake Graphics again, the "friends ALWAS" part and the black scallops on the border of the patern paper strip are Papertrey. I colored this with copic and prismacolor markers.
Here's a copic/prismacolor tip. Because you can layer and layer without tearing up your paper you can layer colors to get new ones. I do NOT have this shade of green. I have copic's "light olive" which is a good color, but a bit drab, and prismacolor's "apple green" which is BRIGHT. So for almost all my grass and leaves I layer the two! Also her hair is prismacolor's "yellowed orange", which is VERY BRIGHT ORANGE, then prismacolor's "goldenrod" layered over that. (I'm refering to the bottom pic)
Actually I'll share this too. The girl's hair in the bottom pic is way oranger than I usually do. I was watching Calliou. Do you watch that? My kids love it. So anyhow Calliou's teacher's hair is red. But it's orange in the drawing. Now I've never seen orange hair like that. Even that Carrottop guy's hair is not crayon orange. But in the cartoon it looks great. So that gave me the confidence to do orange hair. I like it.
Also I've been playing with my cat coloring, I'm looking at my kid's books for ideas. Because I hardly ever see solid colored cats either. (although two of mine are solid black, but again, I have problems coloring black animals and them not looking like blobs)
Ok, I'm sure no one is still reading, I'll stop. :)


Brandy said...

Hey, of course I'm reading. Love your cards. I love how you can make a simple card look so darn good. You really are quite the colorer.

hutch ink designs... said...

Love all the watercolor cards! They are dynamite!


Colleen Schaan said...

Well, I was still reading...I am in awe of your EC cards...you really know how to put a scene together. I agree with the solid color animal thing...I struggle with that too. Both my dogs are multi color and one of my cats is also...my other cat though...pure black.

I love the orange hair...I think she looks adorable!

Tejal said...

Isnt' it amazing that sometimes the most simple of cards end up looking the cutest. I really love your cards and your art work, really gr8 cards.


Dawn said...

OH MY Goodness girlie I so love that dog and girl stamp sooo stinkin cute and Love your tutorial .. Soooo Great!!
Dawn Griffith

Heidi said...

These are adorable! I am loving what you are doing with these ECG images! Makes me want to place another order!