Saturday, June 16, 2007

cupcakes anyone?

I randomly decided to take up cupcake making! These are made from scratch and I even made the icing! I made it with whipping cream as I like that type and you know... baker's choice. I had fun with them. I think I want to do cookies too. I'm trying to learn more things from scratch. Especially with Teeny (Stpehen)'s peanut allery I want to be able to make plenty of good treats.

This top one is Spice Cake. I made the icing with the whipping cream and a bit of nutmeg.
This one (with the funy top) is a cookies and cream one. I LOVE how this one came out. It has sour cream and Oreos in the mix. Then for the icing it called for plain. BLAHH on plain, so I crushed up some more cookie for it. Now note to new icing makers: if you are piping icing on and want crushed cookies in it you MUST crush them TINY. I kept getting clogs where a cookie bit was too big. Just to let you know I'm a freak I would dig the cookie out with a toothpic and flick it back into the icing bowl! Duh! I had to do this with the same cookie bit several times before realising I was being an idiot. I tell you having babies took half my brian!

They came out yummy though. I sent tons to Brian's work. I want to be known as that wife who makes the great stuff. (I'm so vain.) I think cookies are next! :)


Michelle (MilwaukeeMommy) said...

Those look yummy, Erin!! And it's funny that you've been making cupcakes lately ~~ with me, it's breads!! So far this week I've made Banana Chocolate Chip bread, Blueberry bread (like a giant blueberry muffin) & tomorrow I'm making Pumpkin bread! My kids love the pumpkin bread, it's made with vanilla pudding!! I personally hate pumpkin anything, but they love it so I'm happy to make it!!

Stefanie said...