Friday, June 08, 2007


If you love me you will buy this magazine. (I'm teasing, you buy it if you want)

Because that's my card in there! (Asian lady one on the top left of the right side page)
ps, I THINK it's ok to post these pics, if someone thinks not PLEASE tell me, I don't wanna get sued or anything.

My good friend Tracey gave me this link that says what stores sell the magazine CLICK HERE. This is local stores that sell it, like locally owned ones in your town (hopefully) not chain stores. I got mine at Michael's chain store, but do check, if a LSS has it you should always get it there of course!


Brandy said...

Congrats Erin on getting published! That's so exciting and something to be very proud of!

griffithisnot said...

Way to go GF .. BIG congrates to you with a BIG HUG!! how exciting ..

chelemom said...

Congratulations! That is my goal this summer....get published or die tryin!

laos348 said...

Congrats - your card is fantastic!

Heidi said...

Yay for you! I can just imagine that moment when you realize that your creation is in a magazine for thousands to look at and CASE! Wow! Hope I get that feeling soon!