Monday, June 18, 2007

It's an Eat Cake Day!

So of course you'll be seeing even more Eat Cake Graphics cards now. Course I'm such a stamp piggy I'll be using all sorts of stamps too.
This one is called "Pee Kid" and it's for my friend Shanon. She really likes potty humor. The inside says "...too late" heehee, as you can see by the pants, it IS too late. :( She has this new stamp that says, "never miss an opportunity to pee" and that made me think of this. I watercolored him. All the stamps are Eat Cake.
This was inspired by a card I saw on Split Coast Stampers. Here' the inspiration link. It's by Sweet Miss Daisy. I had to put a cat on my chair of course. I don't have a rug stamp either, I may need one, that's pretty cute. The cat is watercolored with pencils and the chair is paper pieced with My Mind's Eye patern paper (from Costco of course). I used maker on the feet of the chair. The chair and cat are Eat cake, the skinny oval is A Muse.
This is as simple as it gets, one stamp and then colored. I think it's cool though. That stamp cracks me up. It's also Eat Cake. I did draw in the floor line. I've done this lady a few times before thinking to make her a red hatter. I have a few friends who are red hatters, I think they may like this. (Not me of course, I'm young!)
This time I wanted to do a card with layers and ribbon and all. I really love the cats they have at Eat Cake. The cats are actually what originally attracted me. Doesn't this cat just look so demanding? I used watercolor pencil on it.
This is a hybred. I used the cat in float from The Cat's Pajamas and the pool and boy are Eat Cake. This one was for Brian for father's day. I made it but it's from Ethan. Stephen made his own this year and even said, "Happy Father's Day". :) I colored with watercolor pencil on this one too. Masked to get the cat in the pool.

Well that's all for now. I'm still on cloud nine about this design team business. I think I emailed Holly about a million times when she told me. If you were concerned I already discussed the lack of cupcakes, while there being a great number of adorable cupcake phrases. She's on top of that, expect cupcakes soon. YUMMY! Cuz you know I gots to make some cupcake cards. Did you know I don't have a single cupcake stamp? It's sad. Really sad. :(


Brandy said...

Wow! I love your single layer cards. I'm not good at those, so I always have to case'em. Your going to be a fabulous designer, Erin. I can't wait to see more of what you come up with....oh, wait, yes I can b/c I can tell it'll be awfully tough on my budget!

Elizabeth Royalty said...

Those cards are too awesome! Especially the first one... now that's funny stuff. Love the pool one, too - great masking! Thanks for sharing and congrats on the design team!

Sharon in NE said...

You'll probably never read this as its a MONTH after the fact, but I just discovered Eat Cake stamps...which led me to you and you have my beloved Sprinkles in the pool with my new stamps that I gotta-gotta have...oh my. Its like drinking the best coffee in the world, while getting an amazing massage, while a team of strangers are cleaning your home for free. I can't stand it...its so wonderful.